Office Container Rental

We are engaged in the manufacturing of customer-specified lift as well as shift-type Bunk Houses. These Bunk House Rental Service are skid mounted movable shelters and come equipped with modern fittings and find usage as temporary camps at drilling site/work sites. We provide all our products Porta cabins, Accommodation Units, Sanitation Units, Security Cabins, Storage Containers, etc. on rent for temporary projects as per your requirement.

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Caravan on Wheels Home

Caravan Home is ideal choice for long distance travelling. all home like facility on wheel for comfortable staying at nature.
₹ 8,00,000.00

Executive Site Accommodation

portable site accommodation for comfortable site working condition. this container accommodation is fully equipped with all required amenities.
₹ 60,000.00

Container House 20x10

Container House and Container Hotel Room is made out of container and factory fitted furniture and accessories. ready to use house and hotel room.
₹ 3,75,000.00

Camp Container

Camp Container is ideal for Oil and Gas field and Mining site Accommodation camp. This Camp is fully equipped with Accomodation unit, Kitchen, Bathroom, Medical room, Entertainment room and Dinning room.
₹ 2,20,00,000.00

Food Caravans

Your Food Biz on Wheels!!!
₹ 5,00,000.00

Portable Cabin

We produce a huge range of Portable Site Office with a standard quality and various applications & advantages as following,Construction site, office building, dormitory, canteen, recreation room, washing room, outdoor temporary building, etc.
₹ 2,90,000.00