Mobile Office

We are leading exporters and manufacturers of Porta Cabins and many such other products. We are pleased to introduce all to our wide range of Porta Cabins with Customized designs and specfications. Porta Cabins are easy to relocate and move. We provide the Porta Cabins with complete interiors, furnishings and fittings as required by our clients. Porta Cabins are mainly used at remote sites, construction sites and other such places as a temporary office or set up. We are leading as we deliver what we promise and we promise only what we can deliver. High Quality and Modern Designs are our major keys in delivering our best range of products. Porta Cabins can be designed to use as for Multi purpose Offices, Homes, Farmhouses, Sanitation Units, Accommodation Units, Labour Accommodations and so on. They are available in different sizes as below : 10 x 10 Feet 20 x 08 Feet 20 x 10 Feet 24 x 10 Feet 24 x 12 Feet 30 x 08 Feet 30 x 10 Feet 30 x 12 Feet 40 x 08 Feet 40 x 10 Feet With our wide range and customized design, we keep experimenting and being success in delivering the best to our clients.
₹ 5,35,000.00