Staff Camp Containers in Barmer, Rajasthan

5 Star Living Facility For Staff of around 150 People, Accommodation, Sanitation, Kitchen, Dining, Recreation, Offices, Laundry, Dry Store with Chiller and so on.... For More details call us @ +91 9998966274
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Container Camps, Barmer Rajasthan

We had completed a Project of Containerized Camp Solutions with 5-Star Facilities. Places where Construction is not possible or temporary building is not the best solution. We have a solution for you that is most compatible for you. Containerized Camps are known and trending due to their mobility.

You can shift your Camp of around 150 people within a day. These Units can be lifted and carried to the remote sites to make a home away from home for Engineers and other Site staff members. 

Features & Advantages :

• Easy Transportation and Shifting.
• Made up of Heavy Gauge Steel.
• Lift and carry Type (Portable).
• Eco-friendly.
• Earthquake, Water & Fire Resistant.
• Customizable Designs and Interior.
• Easy Construction
• Mobility and Exterior Beautification


Applications :

               These Portable Site Office Cabins or Containers are widely used at construction sites, oil and gas rig sites, remote places where construction takes time or not possible due to lack of resources and many other fields. Also, some fields which involve a lot of shifting and temporary site works have been facilitated with the Containerized Solutions to work smoothly and efficiently.

The Designs of Interior are totally customizable. Depending upon your budget, we can manufacture most unique Portable Site Offices for you as per the custom design requirements.

In this Project, we have manufactured brand New Containers and turned them into Lavishingly beautiful Containers Office , Kitchen and Dining Unit as well as Ablution Units and so on.

This project was supplied to Barmer Site to one of the most reputed Oil Exploration and Mining Company.